The Male Rose
The Male Rose
The Male Rose

The Male Rose

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Designed to realistically simulate oral sex by stimulating the head of the
penis with rotation and vibration, The Male Rose is a hand-held masturbator
with a stretchy textured cup, a pair of luscious lips at the opening, and a
conveniently long handle. Power on The Male Rose to experience ten modes of
powerful vibration, pulsation, and escalation combined with five speeds of
360-degree rotation and prepare to enjoy a whole new level of self-
stimulation. Quiet, easy to hold, and simple to operate using the button
controls on the extended-reach handle, the USB rechargeable Male Rose offers
easy cleanup via the detachable cup.
* Masturbation sleeve
* Mimics Oral Sex
* 10 Vibration Modes
* 5 Rotation Speeds of 360-degree rotation
* Splashproof
* USB Rechargeable
* ABS and TPE
* 1 Year Warranty
Package Weight 14.80 Ounces
Package Dimensions 3.00W by 10.00H by 3.50L inches

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